World Wildlife Fund Publishes Photo Of What Species Last Seen In 1987 Might Have Evolved To Look Like

WASHINGTON—Hoping the release of the updated image might generate a lead on the whereabouts of the missing animal, officials from the World Wildlife Fund published a photo Wednesday depicting what the dusky seaside sparrow—last seen on June 17, 1987—may have evolved to look like. “If anyone has encountered a non-migratory songbird that matches the one shown in this picture, please contact our organization immediately,” said WWF spokesperson Shannon Hockesley at a morning press event, gesturing to the large overhead screen displaying the last known photo of the bird next to a digitally progressed image showing a slightly larger specimen with faintly lighter plumage in a present-day environment. “However, keep in mind that this is only our best approximation. It’s also possible that after several generations, the species may have evolved to have a marginally narrower beak or a couple more speckles on its breast.” While acknowledging the possibility that the bird is extinct, officials said they still hold out hope that it might have secretly migrated to a biome far away and currently be living under an assumed identity as a black-and-white warbler or pied wagtail.


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