WTO May Accept Russia

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If negotiations go smoothly, Russia may be invited to join the World Trade Organization in 2006. What do you think?

"It's amazing that, with an economy that large, Russia isn't already in the WTO. Is it because they only import stolen cars and export mail-order brides?"

Joy Hess • Systems Analyst

"After all the bullshit they put James Bond through, those Russians have a lot of nerve expecting us to become their trade allies."

Clinton Chan • Clerk


"Does this mean cheaper vodka? Because, honestly, that's the last thing I need."

Ken Dorsey • Logger

"I'm starting my own Joe's Trade Organization, and it would be a real feather in my cap to snag Russia first."

Joe Roach • Editor


"Allowing a country like Russia to join the organization would make a mockery of whatever it is the WTO stands for."

Neil Hood • Police Chief

"Why is this an issue? Evil Communist Russians have been a part of the WWE since the '80s."

Allison Church • Midwife