Yellow Cross Receives Record 10,000 Liters Of Urine Donations

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NEW YORK—Saying they were elated with the number of people who took time out of their day to relieve themselves for a good cause, officials at the Yellow Cross announced Wednesday that the organization received a record 10,000 liters of urine during its annual spring donation drive. “We are beyond thrilled by the generosity of urine donors across the country who helped break the record set last year by an incredible 27 percent,” said Yellow Cross director Ted Finely, adding that it seemed like everywhere he went, he saw donors proudly wearing “I Donated!” stickers featuring the splashy yellow droplet. “But as successful as this urine drive was, there’s always a need for more. Donating urine doesn’t hurt, and best of all, you’ll feel proud that your excretion helped people—and, remember, the next person to need urine from the Yellow Cross could be you.” Finely went on to say that while all types of urine were welcome, pale yellow and amber were always particularly in demand.