Yosemite Expands Lodging Accommodations With New Log Cabin High-Rises

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YOSEMITE VILLAGE, CA—In an effort to make one of the country’s most celebrated natural wonders more accessible to the public, Department of the Interior officials announced Friday that Yosemite National Park would expand its lodging options by constructing dozens of new log cabin high-rises. “There’s really no better way to experience the great outdoors than from a rustic penthouse of a structure built entirely of rough-hewn logs,” said park superintendent Michael Reynolds, who added that each all-wood skyscraper would hold enough cots to comfortably bed 4,000 visitors and that all rooms would include a private wood-burning stove. “While there won’t be any electricity and you’ll have to descend as many as a hundred flights of stairs to relieve yourself in the woods, the high-rises will offer the best views Yosemite has to offer. Apart from our mountaintops, of course. And what’s more, these buildings will blend in perfectly with the surrounding environment because they will be constructed from giant sequoias sourced right here in the park.” At press time, the National Park Service confirmed developers had already sold 85 percent of the units in the luxury log condos.