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KENT, OH—As the musician on the screen lost his place and restarted for the third time, sources confirmed Thursday that YouTuber Ryan Prescott’s enthusiasm during his video tutorial on the guitar solo from Metallica’s “Ride The Lightning” was definitely flagging by the time he hit the 45-minute mark. “He was pretty energetic at first, saying, ‘What’s up guys? I’m RyanSlayz. Let’s rage,’ and then launching into the sick two-handed tapping stuff,” said viewer Kevin Mattheson, who confirmed that a half hour into the lesson, Prescott appeared to lose some of his stamina, hitting several wrong notes and apologizing to the camera when a couple of bends came out flat. “Right now he’s stuck on the part with all those descending triplets, and you can tell he’s just not into it anymore. I feel bad because he keeps getting out of sync with the backing track and I’m not sure anyone can even follow along anymore. Oh God, there’s really 25 more minutes of this?” At press time, sources said an exhausted Prescott had finally finished the lesson, telling viewers to check out his website to get tabs for both “Ride The Lightning” and Iron Maiden’s “Holy Smoke,” upon which he plans to do an excruciating, unwatchable tutorial next week.

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